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The Secret Empress brings a crowd to Barnes & Noble at the Grove

Last Monday night author Frank R. Heller, a Beverly Hills resident, businessman, husband, father, and grandfather to four granddaughters mesmerized an SRO crowd at B&N at the Grove, talking about his first thriller, The Secret Empress. (“Dramatic and engrossing throughout!” Kirkus Reviews)

Introduced by his long-time friend, ex-Deputy District Attorney, Lea Purwin D’Agostino who emphatically told the audience, “This is the best book I ever read,” Mr. Heller talked about his years traveling to and from China and all the fascinating facts intertwined with his engrossing fiction. At a time when most Americans are at the edge of our seats watching the developments in China and Hong Kong, Mr. Heller’s novel is of particular interest.

If you’re looking for a thriller drenched with real-life intrigue, written by someone with behind-the-scenes knowledge about a part of the world that still, after three thousand years, has more spies, conspiracies, and intrigues than any other capitol in the world – you’ve found it: The Secret Empress, by Frank R. Heller, available on Amazon, is the gripping tale of an American entrepreneur’s dangerous quest to fulfill the last wish of a Chinese official before she is brutally murdered.  Heller, himself, was in Hong Kong in l964 with the US Navy, which, he says, “was an eye-opening education in and of itself.”

He was in Canton at the fair when the first demonstrations begin in Tianamen Square.  His fascination book, the perfect end of summer read, draws on his observations not only from that time, but also reflects his thirty years of experience working in and traveling to China in the import business.